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疊撲克牌遊戲的技巧很簡單,單獨一張牌當然無法豎得起,但只要有兩張或以上,就可用不同的組合方式豎起來。可有想過這樣的紙牌能疊得有多高?目前的世界記錄是布萊恩貝治(Bryan Berg)在 2010 年創下的,他花了 44 天時間,用 218,792 張撲克牌,疊出一座 10.39 米長、3.54 米闊、2.88 米高的紙牌建築群;他另外更疊過 7.86 米全球最高的紙牌屋。完全沒有任何黏貼劑,單憑牌與牌之間的互相結連扶持,就可發揮出這麼強大的支撐力,真是匪夷所思!

其實,當弟兄姊妹走在一起,互相支持,也同樣可以發揮出無法估計的力量。神對教會的旨意,就是要弟兄姊妹發揮群體互愛互助、彼此扶持建立的作用,弗四 16:「全身都靠他聯絡得合式,百節各按各職,照著各體的功用彼此相助,便叫身體漸漸增長,在愛中建立自己。」經文結尾特別指出「在愛中建立自己」,這愛涉及兩方面;首先是基督對教會的愛,為了教會的成長,祂招聚各肢體結連在一起,各自發揮本身的角色和功能。另一方面,是肢體間的愛,大家在基督的愛中被引導,實踐自己在教會整體中的角色,互相關愛扶持。教會就是這樣在愛中不斷成長。

人被罪性所困,埋沒了對愛的感應,但基督救恩帶來的重生生命,恢復了我們對愛的相信和期待(林前十三 13)。領受救恩的人走在一起,都會願意彼此付出愛和接受愛,而且也會欣賞彼此所作出的愛的行動,從而使大家在愛中得到支持和建立。

過去兩週,我就兩次經歷了弟兄姊妹的愛心支持。首先是常為我禱告的祈禱守望組姊妹,她知道我要主持浸禮,也考慮到我濕身後要驅寒,於是便預先送我一包薑粉,讓我浸禮後泡腳。另外,崇拜敬拜隊為配合我的講道內容,願意調動已安排好的詩歌和流程。當時我與隊長商量應否改動詩歌,他二話不說就答應,還說:not a worry, no worries。我差點因他的回覆哭出來,因為我實在很擔心改動會給各人帶來很多麻煩,他的話大大的安慰了我。


Pastor's Sharing
Connect and Support
Rev Law Wai Fun

The techniques involved in card-stacking games are simple. A single playing card does not build a house. But when you have two or more cards, you can start exploring various building combinations. Has it ever occurred to you how tall a free-standing card structure can be? The current world record was set by Bryan Berg in 2010. Using 44 days and 218,792 cards, he came up with a building complex measuring 10.39 meters long, 3.54 meters wide and 2.88 meters tall. He has also built the world's tallest house of cards. It measures 7.86 meters in height and has no adhesive. The cards supported each other with their own strength in a way that amazes all the world!

Meanwhile, when brothers and sisters gather together in mutual support, immeasurable power is also released. It is the will of God that brothers and sisters as part of the Christian community should love, help out, support and build up one another. "From him the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work" (Ephesians 4:16). The love mentioned in "builds itself up in love" towards the end of this verse refers, first of all, to the love of Christ for the church. To grow the church, He gathers together various parts of the body and has them connected to one another, each practicing its own role and function. Secondly, it refers to the love among different parts of the body. We are all guided in the love of Christ to fulfil our specific role in the church community. We care for and support each other so the church continues to grow in love.

Entangled by sin, man loses sensitivity towards love. But the salvation of Christ brings rebirth and restores our belief in, and expectation of, love (1 Corinthians 13:13). When the redeemed gather together, they are willing to love and be loved, and they appreciate the acts of love from one another. All of this support and build up the faith community in love.

In the past two weeks, I have received support in acts of love from brothers and sisters on two occasions. First, a sister in my prayer support group who knew that I had to administer baptisms gave me a packet of ginger powder. This was for me to wash my feet with hot water after the service to dispel the chill after getting wet. In another instance, a praise team readily changed the selection and order of songs to tie in with my sermon. When I discussed with the praise leader whether or not the song and order could be changed, he said nothing else but "Not a worry. No worries." His reply almost made me cry. I was worried that last-minute changes might upset a lot of good arrangements. His reply gave me much comfort.

Two simple acts, but so moving and comforting. They represented genuine care and support. Thanks be to God for these brothers and sisters who gave me a spiritual home. Dear brothers and sisters of NPAC, you need to get connected. Never get lost in this big family with a large number of believers. God will prepare brothers and sisters for you so you can get support in your growth to greater spiritual maturity.