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剛過去的 12 月 10 日,北角長康街發生了四死十一人傷的交通意外!這次慘劇的位置,正是我幾乎每天早上回教會辦公的路經地點,也是我昔日接送孩子上學放學的必經路段。意外發生後,我每次走過這位置,心中總會想,意外發生前,誰會想到自己下一分鐘就遇到飛來橫禍、或是人生從此出現巨變?我又想,那些死者去了哪裡?他們曾否聽聞福音?隨後我也同樣問了自己一個問題:假如當刻我也在死傷者之中,我會怎樣?生命原來是何其脆弱,可以消失於瞬間!


傳福音、領人歸主的心,不一定要在「生死時刻」才覺醒的,提摩太後書四章 2 節告訴我們:「務要傳道,無論得時不得時,總要專心,並用百般的忍耐、各樣的教訓責備人,警戒人,勸勉人。」

早前靈修讀到使徒行傳八章,談到教會受迫害、門徒四散,但第 4 節卻說:「那些分散的人往各處去傳道。」迫害並沒有損蝕當時門徒傳福音的心,他們反而隨走隨傳。其實生活困難和壓力是常有的,惟獨當我們將傳福音看成生活的一部分,帶著驚歎觀看上帝在人生命中的奇妙工作,我們才能在這艱困的世代中,體會真正的盼望和喜樂。

今年傳道部除了既有的福音平台和聚會外,還會透過 2017 年佈道年的主題「一領一,一傳十」,加強個人佈道的實踐,我鼓勵大家不管是否一領一帶人信主,都嘗試體察聖靈的引導,勇敢向人傳講福音。今後我們會將每月的「外展佈道」易名為「一領一,一傳十外展佈道」,藉此深化這信念。讓我們持續佈道,領人歸主。

Pastor's Sharing
Am I unmoved?
Rev Lawrence Cheung

It was just last month (Dec 10) that a serious traffic accident at Cheung Hong Street, North Point, left four people dead and 11 others injured. The location of the accident is exactly where I would almost certainly pass through every morning on my way to work at the church. That location also saw my child and me walking to and from school each day in the past. Now every time I pass by there after the accident, I would think to myself: Who could have anticipated such a disaster or drastic impact on their lives? Where are the victims that have been killed? Have they ever heard the gospel? I would also ask myself: What if my name were on the casualty list? Such is the nature of life – it is most fragile. It can disappear altogether at the blink of an eye!

Today's Hong Kong has been described as "busy, forgetful and deadly (the busy work)."1 All of this can easily make us lose interest in spreading the gospel and others’ salvation. But all around us, there are people in hopelessness, anguish, broken relationships, anger, exhaustion who have never had a chance to hear the gospel. Earlier with a pastor of another church, I discussed the large number of "unreached peoples" in Hong Kong. These people cannot go to regular church meetings due to their job nature. I was told that in some corners of the airport, many drivers of airport works vehicles are drinking cough syrup to escape from the pressure and boredom of long working hours. They become gradually addicted to it. Now, does anybody care for them? I felt cut to the heart. It ignited my commitment to spread the gospel and mobilize the church for evangelistic initiatives.

The desire to spread the gospel needs not be deferred until a man's final hours. In 2 Timothy 4:2, the Bible says, "Preach the word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage—with great patience and careful instruction."

Earlier during my quiet time, I read Acts 8 which is about persecution of the church. The godly men were scattered. But verse 4 says, "Those who had been scattered preached the word wherever they went." The persecution did not stop them from preaching the gospel. They preached wherever they went. Difficulties and pressure in life is only normal. And only when we make preaching the gospel a part of our lives, and with amazement view the wondrous work of God in human lives, can we understand the meaning of true hope and joy against the backdrop of these difficult times.

This year, the Evangelism Department will strengthen personal evangelism work by members of the congregation, advancing the theme of the 2017 Evangelism Year "One leading one, one preaching to ten."2 This will be in addition to the existing evangelism platform and meetings. I encourage all of you, whether or not you are practicing "One leading one," to be sensitive to the guidance of the Holy Spirit and boldly share the gospel with the people around you. From now on, we will rename the monthly "Outreach evangelism"3 work as "'One leading one, one preaching to ten' Outreach Evangelism." That is to reinforce our evangelism motive. Let us sustain our work in evangelism and lead people to Christ.

1 In the Chinese version: 「忙、忘、亡」(忙碌、忘記、做到死亡)
2 「一領一,一傳十」
3 「一領一,一傳十外展佈道」