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經典句子「沒有異象,民就放肆」只是箴言二十九章 18 節的上半句,要正確詮釋其意思,不可忘卻下半句「惟遵守律法的,便為有福」。箴言強調如何在日常實際生活中,活出敬畏上帝的處世智慧。當中提及的異象既是上帝對人的具體指引,亦是祂要人在現實中蒙福的管道。惟獨當人配合和順服上帝的心意,才不致於任意妄為。而只有聽從和遵行祂的訓誨,才是敬虔生命的自然流露。



第二,我們要好好培養對上帝的情,一份因領受上帝洪恩後的感激、愛慕與敬仰之情。弟兄姊妹,你還記得上帝對你恩重如山嗎?上次你向神發出由衷的感恩和讚美是甚麼時候呢?我在主裡面要「肉緊地」勸你們,當銘記主耶穌的話:「常在我裡面的,我也常在他裡面,這人就多結果子;因為離了我,你們就不能做甚麼」(約十五 5)。


Pastor's Sharing
Lacking revelation, people cast off restraint. How about you?
Rev Wayne Cheung

Recently, the term "vision" has cropped up in my mind time and again. It might have been inspired by a hymn or a Bible verse, I do not know. To Christians, vision refers to heavenly insight including God's revelation, will and guidance. The important thing about vision is not the way it is revealed to us, but the mentality and actions with which we respond to such insight. Vision may not necessarily involve wondrous prophecies or supernatural divine commands. But it is often associated with what God entrusts with us and moves us to do, here and now. To ordinary people like you and me, the vision of God has a lot to do with our daily lives, our Christian identity and our life testimonies.

The classic verse "Where there is no revelation, people cast off restraint" is only the first half of Proverbs 29:18. To interpret this verse correctly, we need to read the second half as well, "but blessed is the one who heeds wisdom’s instruction." What the Proverbs emphasizes is God-revering everyday wisdom that we need to live out in our daily lives. The vision referred to here is both God's concrete guidance for man as well as a channel by which He wants man to receive His blessings in real life. It is only when man co-operates with God and obeys His will that man will remain restrained. Listening to God and obeying His teachings flow naturally from a faithful life.

Admittedly, our times are more complex than any of those before. We are accustomed to absurd, agitated and restless scenes in the city. And beyond it is an environment that is hostile to the Christian faith. Then, how do we identify the vision and will of God amongst such conflicts and predicament? We can perhaps reflect in two areas:

First, we need to establish the adherence to God's wisdom as our over-riding spiritual precedent. This year is our Bible Study Year. Then studying the Bible diligently, planting ourselves firmly in the word of God and honestly putting it into practice must be our undeniable duty and mission. There is no short cut.

Secondly, we need to cultivate an affection for God - a gratitude for His grace along with reverence and love for Him. Dear brothers and sisters, have you forgotten God's grace? When did you last give thanks to God and praise His name? I have to exhort you earnestly to engrave in your memory the words of the Lord Jesus: "… If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing." (John 15:5)

At this time of writing, I heard some fellowship groups singing a familiar song which echoed in my heart: "In encroaching darkness, I see thy guiding hand. In the raging storm, my faith goes strong…. Thy vision empowers me, I see no narrow, winding path but thee. Let me grasp my time, stand firm in the truth, cherish thy vision. Let me seek thy guidance and illumination. Whatever changes the world doesn't change me. My gifts, my life I offer thee. Removing barriers with love …." (From the hymn "With Thy Vision")