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2011 年世界衛生組織和歐盟的研究報告指出,繼空氣污染之後,噪音已成為對公眾健康構成威脅的第二位污染。人不喜歡噪音,但也不喜歡安靜,一天下來,總要聽進很多東西。



弟兄姊妹,聖經說:「每天早晨都是新的;你的信實多麼廣大!」(哀三 23,新譯本)這不是安慰你說:明天會更好。這裡的「新」,是指神的慈愛和憐憫每天都是「更換一新」,源源不絕。而且,神是忠實、可信的,不會移動的。地上的大山會挪移,但祂的「信實」卻是既廣闊又絕不搖動,祂不會說了算。



Pastor's Sharing
Daily Quiet Time with God
Rev Arnold Chow

We all know that exercise is good for health. However, many know it without taking action. Some others do not persevere and they give up before they see any fruit. It is the same with Christians' quiet time. "My understanding of the Bible is getting worse," I once heard a brother say that with embarrassment. He shared that it must have been five years since his last quiet time. Sermons at the weekly worship services were the only means by which he took in God's Word.

It is my sincere hope that in the coming year, brothers and sisters will focus on cultivating the habit of doing devotions, to listen to God's Word, to hear His voice as well as the guidance of the Spirit:

Slow down for God's word: Hong Kong people are accustomed to speed but during quiet time, we must slow down and resist impatience. We are often distracted while using the Bible App. If that happens, we had better switch to audible Bibles. Some devotional material or Bible Apps carry audible Bibles recorded at a slow speed. Follow the recording and you will slow down, too.

Hear His voice in tranquility: A 2011 study by the World Health Organization and the European Union found that noise pollution has become the second greatest pollution hazard to public health, after air pollution. In reality, people do not like noise, nor do they like tranquility. They listen to lots of things every day.

Devotions have to take place in an environment that allows us to concentrate in the absence of disturbance. We must keep out electronic messages and the hustle and bustle of daily life. Keep quiet and listen to your heart – why are you impatient and what are you worried about after all? Talk with the Lord with the help of the Scripture.

Open your heart to the Spirit: A sister was hit by a major setback and although she is a very capable person, she was nevertheless greatly shaken. "At that time, I felt as if I had fallen into the sea and was clinging to a lifebuoy that God had thrown to me long beforehand," the sister recalled. That lifebuoy was her quiet time during which she opened her heart to the leading of the Holy Spirit. Later, God led her through the turbulence, and she was able to identify the Spirit's numerous reminders and guidance.

Dear brothers and sisters, the Bible says: "They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness" (Lamentations 3:23). This is not to comfort you that tomorrow will be a beautiful day. The "new" here refers to God's compassion and lovingkindness which is new every day and does not stop. Moreover, God is faithful and trustworthy. He will not be moved. Mountains move, but the Lord's faithfulness is both great and unchanging, unlike human feelings.

Daily quiet time allows you to know the goodness of God. Practice it persistently and you will be able to grasp His promises and hear the guidance of His small voice to overcome the challenges and even sufferings in life. Such experience will be authentic, powerful testimony that encourages you to keep spending quiet time with God irrespective of how you may feel.

At the break of each new day, may you be renewed through daily devotions.