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聖經滿載神的應許和愛的叮嚀,帶領我們活出敬虔、聖潔、蒙恩、充滿愛的生活!耶穌在馬太福音二十五 31-46 的比喻,教導我們要看顧有需要的人,特別是要看顧病人:「『……我病了,你們看顧我;我在監裡,你們來看我。』義人就回答:『……甚麼時候見你病了,或在監裡就來看你呢?』王要回答他們:『……你們所作的,只要是作在我一個最小的弟兄身上,就是作在我的身上了。』」(新譯本)主提醒我們不單要愛神,也要愛人,要由心而發地看顧有需要的人。

按醫院管理局 2020 年出版的資料,香港 2018 年的癌症新增個案是 34,028 宗,平均每日有 93 人確診,是歷來最高。港府出版的 2019 年《香港癌症策略》更指出,鑒於人口老化及生活方式轉變,在未來數十年,癌症新增個案數目預料會持續攀升。

你可能也認識患癌病的肢體,他們面對癌病引發的治療、失去、痛苦、經濟壓力等挑戰,很需要别人關顧同行。感謝神,在北宣家不同的團契和小組中,我們常見到弟兄姊妹關顧罹患癌病的肢體,使癌症患者在艱難歲月中不是獨自面對困難,而是有群體同行與分擔,經驗到主內一家、彼此相愛的珍貴團契生活,甚至可以同證慈愛的神奇妙地施恩、引導和供應!很感恩,我們常見到有未信主的家人親友被團契所展現的愛吸引,因而認識基督、信主及受洗!就如主的美旨:「如果你們彼此相愛,眾人就會認出你們是我的門徒了。」(約十三 35)

或許你也想關顧患癌病的肢體,但卻缺乏經驗,不知道該對他們說甚麼、作甚麼。其實,這些患者通常需要陪伴及聆聽多於我們說甚麼,很多時候他們只想我們在身旁默默相伴。很多癌症患者都很想弟兄姊妹為他們禱告,你可個人為他們私禱,也可在所屬的團契或小組、北宣家的祈禱會、癌病關懷祈禱會之中,與其他肢體一同為他們代禱,或與他們同禱。此外,你亦可請教牧者以及有恩賜和經驗的關顧者,並借用存於資源中心的關顧癌症患者資源,以幫助你作出其他方面的關懷。保羅說過:「各人不要單顧自己的事,也要顧別人的事。你們當以基督耶穌的心為心。」(腓二 4-5)而約翰也指出:「我們愛,因為神先愛我們。」(約翰壹書四 19)願你也成為北宣家中與癌症患者同行的一員,與關顧的群體一同活出主的愛!

Pastor's Sharing
Caring for Patients Shows Christ’s Amazing Love
Rev Sally Yung

The Bible is filled with God's promises and loving commands, which guide us to lead a godly, holy, blessed, and love-filled life! In Matthew 25:31-46, the Lord Jesus taught us by parable that we should look after the needy, especially the sick: "…I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me." Then the righteous will answer Him, "… When did we see you sick or in prison and go to visit you?" The King will reply, "…whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me." The Lord reminded us not just to love God, but also man. We should care for the needy out of a pure and sincere heart.

According to statistics published by the Hospital Authority in 2020, there were 34,028 new cancer cases in Hong Kong in 2018. This averages at 93 new confirmed cases every day, an all-time high. The Hong Kong Cancer Strategy published by the Hong Kong government in 2019 also points out that a continued increase in the number of new cancer cases in the next 10 years is expected due to the aging population and changes in lifestyle.

You may know some believers who suffer from cancer. The challenges from the ensuing treatment, loss, pain, financial pressure, etc., are enormous and they need others to care for and walk with them. Thanks be to God, we often see brothers and sisters in various fellowships and small groups of the NPAC Family who care for our cancer patients so that the latter do not have to face the difficulties alone. When the church community walks with them and share their burden, they experience that we are one family in God and we love one another. Together, we can testify to the lovingkindness of God our giver of grace, guidance and provision. Some non-believing friends and relatives of the patients are attracted by the love displayed by our fellowships and are led to know Christ, believe in Him and be baptized! This is the good will of the Lord: "By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another" (John 13:35).

You may be one of those who wish to care for cancer patients but are inexperienced and do not know what to do or say to them. The fact is that cancer patients usually need company and being listened to more than anything else. Most of the time, they only want us to sit quietly with them. Many of them want us to pray for them, so you can pray for them privately or in your fellowship, small group, or at the church prayer meeting or the cancer care prayer meeting. You can also team up with brothers and sisters to pray for them or pray with them. Meanwhile, you can consult pastoral staff or gifted or experienced caregivers on what you can do, or borrow some specialized materials on cancer care from the NPAC Resources Center. Paul has said: "Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others. Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus" (Philippians 2:4-5). John also said: "We love because he first loved us" (1 John 4:19). May you join others in NPAC Family to walk with cancer patients, and together with our community of care, live out the love of Christ!