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門徒的生命不可靜止不變,倒要不斷長進。所以一代使徒彼得和保羅均異口同聲,呼籲教會信徒要靠著恩主,使靈命成長(彼前二 2;彼後三 18;弗四 15;西一 10)。主耶穌的門徒要增進對上帝的認識,不但是頭腦認知的層面,更要在內裡生命和外顯行為上結出美善的果子。我們各人都須在終末主再來之時,向上帝交帳,故此信仰生命的成熟和長進,是我們無可推諉的屬靈任務。

誠然,人有限制、惰性和盲點。成聖需用工夫,靈裡長進也確實需要策略。門徒如要促進在主裡的成長,就不能缺少 F.A.T. 的基本生命特質。

F 就是 Faithful 忠心到底。基督信仰講求的,是要在一生的年日裡,學習信靠和仰賴上帝。「耶穌是主」不可只是祈禱或唱頌時的常用語,我們更應該反躬自省,自己有否活出「基督優先」的天國價值觀?跟隨主作門徒的人,不可僅在教會內做「乖仔乖女」,也要在現實生活處境中(家庭、職場、社會)向主忠誠。我們立志單單效命主耶穌,就意味著絕不屈服於任何形式的權勢名利。

A 就是 Available 隨時候命。許多都市人都活在不能自拔的忙碌生態中,甚至墮入為忙而忙的惡性循環裡。基督信仰鼓勵人要愛神愛人,這一點需要時間和心力的優質管理、以人為本的關顧態度,以及建立他人生命的造就策略。這一切都需要我們積極騰出時間,開拓心靈空間,放下個人身段,對人有情,對上帝盡義。

至於 T,就是門徒生命中不可或缺的 Teachable 虛心受教。主耶穌勸勉人效法祂謙卑良善的樣式,聖經在這方面的教導是我們安身立命之本。同時,我們要珍惜人生航道上遇見的牧長、靈裡友伴、人生教練,只要心存受教和聆聽的耳朵,他們就必成為我們生命的天使、及時的幫助。

世情動盪不安,人心迷惘不定,我們的屬靈生命需要長進與成熟,掌握 F.A.T. 的錦囊確實刻不容緩。願主光照,求主加力。

Pastor's Sharing
Disciples' Strive for Growth

Rev Wayne Cheung

Our Christian identity is one that is of great value and quality. It is valuable because we are redeemed by the grace of the Lord Jesus at a huge price so that we sinners are led into the light from darkness. Our life is never the same again. Meanwhile, we are also a group of disciples who follow the Lord. We are a royal priesthood to proclaim the goodness of God and the gospel. We are also parts of the body of Christ, each other's brother or sister. We need to grow in various dimensions so our lives will be more Christlike.

The life of a disciple cannot remain stagnant but rather grow continually. This is why the apostles Peter and Paul have called on the church to grow their spiritual lives by the grace of God (1 Peter 2:2, 2 Peter 3:18, Ephesians 4:15, Colossians 1:10). Disciples of the Lord Jesus need to enhance their understanding of God beyond having head knowledge of Him. They need to bear good fruit in their inner life as well as their behavior. When the Lord returns, we need to give an account to God. So it is our undisputable spiritual mission to seek greater maturity and growth of our spiritual life.

Truth be told, man have limitations, sloth and blind spots. Sanctification calls for effort. Spiritual growth requires strategy. To grow in the Lord, disciples need F.A.T., which is a group of essential qualities of life.

F is being Faithful to the end. The Christian faith emphasizes that we learn to trust and rely on God all our lives. Jesus is Lord. This is not just for prayer or hymns. We need to reflect whether we have lived out the "Christ First" Kingdom value. The disciples of the Lord cannot just be good men and women in the church. They must also be faithful to the Lord in the contexts of life at home, in the workplace and in society. We are determined to serve the Lord Jesus alone and will not bow to any form of power, fame or gain.

A is being always Available. Many people are tied down by busy city life. Some even face the vicious cycle of busying themselves just to keep them occupied. The Christian faith encourages love of God and man. This calls for good management of time and effort, loving care for people and a strategy to build up the lives of others. All of this requires that we set aside time and room in our hearts, put down our best interests, love man and do our duty to God.

T is being Teachable. It is indispensable for the life of each disciple. The Lord Jesus exhorted us to imitate His humility and goodness. This really is the basis of what the Bible teaches us about being Christian. We need to treasure the pastors and teachers, spiritual friends and life coaches on our faith journey. If we are ready to learn and listen, they will be our angels and timely assistance.

The world is turbulent. People's hearts are confused and uncertain. For our spiritual lives to grow and mature, we have a pressing need to be F.A.T. May the Lord enlighten us and strengthen us.